Santorini Museums | Discover the Hidden Gems of Santorini

The Wine Museum is located in Kamari.
It is nestled in a cave eight meters below ground and 300 meters long, alongside “Volcan Wines” vineyard.
It was founded by Koutsogiannopoulos family four generations ago and its current owner is Mr Giorgos. Visitors can unravel the history behind vining, the traditional process of wine cultivation, harvesting and trade as well as experience typical scenes from the life of vine growers from 1660 until 1950 through reconstructions, mobile wax sculptings and audio guides. During the tour visitors can see stages of reconstructions with still and mobile waxworks which fuse a vivid, original impression of vining in the late 1600’s in Santorini island.

One can also find a rich display of photographs, newspaper cuttings referring to the islands wine¬making, antiques such as tools used in the construction of barrels or baskets, and house- ware products. After the tour guests can watch, on a specially adapted space, a documentary centered around the history of the island from 1500 BC till today that explains the process and hardships of vining historically alongside the developments in the lives of the islands inhabitants. The Museums collection features rare machinery, utensils and tools used in grape processing that date back to 17th century up to the 1950’s. Among the exhibits is the unique artifact of a massive bulk steam press that was transferred from Bavaria after King Othons command.

Oakwood wine barrels are on display as well as a manually operated spin dryer that was brought in 1660 by French monks and crushers (juice extracting tools) from the 19th century made of wood and iron. Visitors also have the opportunity of wine tasting in the specially designed tasting room where they can savor high quality varieties of Santorini’s wines. Every Friday guests have the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Santorinian celebration in the event hall of the vineyard where guests can taste local wine flavors and food, dance with live music in combination with their Museum visit.